de Blob Cheats For Wii

  1. Secret Missions

    Code Effect
    Beat Last Resort Seaside Roller
    Obtain a gold medal for Last Resort Top of the World
    Beat Uptown Ship to Ship
    Obtain a gold medal for Uptown Leaps of Faith
    Beat Downtown Sizzle Race
    Obtain a gold medal for Downtown Lost Freeway
    Beat The Chroma Dam INKT Acedemy
    Obtain a gold medal for The Chroma Dam Crane Fighting
    Beat Guggentraz Island Jetbike Blitz
    Obtain a gold medal for Guggentraz Island Trainspotting
    Beat The Docklands Miles O Silos
    Obtain a gold medal for The Docklands Forgotten Forest
    Beat Hanging Gardens Billboard-o-rama
    Obtain a gold medal for Hanging Gardens Inky Canyon
    Beat Chroma City Fun Park Factory Run
    Obtain a gold medal for Chroma City Fun Park Blob Smash
    Beat Ministry of Ink Hill Climb
    Obtain a gold medal for Ministry of Ink Deep Down
    Beat Lake Raydia Sinking Feeling
    Obtain a gold medal for Lake Raydia Tower of Power

    Contributed by: MBBDarigon 

  2. Galleries

    Unlock galleries in the Extra menu by finishing certain secret missions.

    Code Effect
    Finish Seaside Roller Gallery Blob
    Finish Ship to Ship Gallery Revolutionaries
    Finish Sizzle Race Gallery Graydians
    Finish INKT Academy Gallery Raydians
    Finish Jetbike Blitz Gallery Chroma City
    Finish Miles o'Silos Gallery Major Landmarks
    Finish Billboard-o-rama Gallery Inkies
    Finish Factory Run Gallery Style
    Finish Hill Climb Gallery Minor Landmarks
    Finish Sinking Feeling Gallery Vehicles

    Contributed by: Lagoona 

  3. Movies

    Unlock movies in the Extra menu by finishing certain secret missions.

    Code Effect
    Finish Top of the World Pre-production trailer
    Finish Leaps of Faith Introducing Blob
    Finish Lost Freeway War on Colour
    Finish Crane Fighting Inky plays de Blob
    Finish Trainspotting Inky takes off
    Finish Forgotten Forest Ribbon test
    Finish Inky Canyon Wake up, Inky!
    Finish Blob Smash Attack test
    Finish Deep Down Grapple test
    Finish Tower of Power Slam test

    Contributed by: Lagoona 

  4. Time Bonus

    While playing the the level, hold C and press 1, 2, 1, 2 to get an extra 10 minutes of playing time.

    Contributed by: WarioFan 

  5. Unlock Stuff

    Go to the start menu and hold C then enter the code.

    Code Effect
    press 2, 2, B, B, 1, 1, B, B Unlock multiplayer modes
    press B, B, 1, 2, 1, 2, B, B Unlock all of de Blob's moods and make all music tracks available

    Contributed by: WarioFan 

  6. Life Bonus and Invincibilty

    When playing a level, hold down the C button and enter these codes (These codes can be used multiple times)

    Code Effect
    1,1,2,2 Adds an extra life to th amount you character has
    1,1,1,1 Turns on invincibility. Can be used again to turn off invincibility.

    Contributed by: luneix 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Other Style Location Guide by Seibei4211 36K