Looking to start an LGBT friendly league (PS3)

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Looking to start a league on the PS3 PvE server that is safe and friendly for the LGBT community and their friends. I've been playing DCUO since it was beta testing, and I think a league like this has been a long time coming. I'm personally tired of playing with random groups and hearing people with mics call each other gay or a "f@g" I used to play the game with a microphone, but I often got off-handed comments from fellow players that I had a gay voice" or something like that. I haven't played with a mic since. Needless to say, I'm tired of all this homophobic nonsense. I know this kind of behavior comes with the "territory" of being a gamer, which is why I want to create a safe and open space for everyone that wants in. League details/requirements: -This will be a HERO league (at first), we can talk about creating a villain league if there's enough interest ;) -open to anyone that is LGBT and LGBT friendly -players of all levels and experience welcome! -homophobic language and behavior will not be tolerated, but if you're interested in joining this league, I'm assuming you're already a stand-up person =) -I'm a very active player myself, so extra bonus points if you're a seasoned veteran player (I'll probably make you a league officer) I haven't officially created the league yet, so hit me up if you're interested and I'll get this going! My PSN username is demonrevolution. Message me with your hero name and level of experience. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!
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Looking for other gay friends to play online with as well. Sent you a rerquest. SN diehardems
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i would play with ya'll but the ps3 version of dcuo is too buggy compared to PC, hopefully the ps4 version will be smoother.