Where are all the weapons?

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Seriously I have the worst luck with finding implements to dispatch the dead with and its so frustrating, I've been to air hangers, towns, and those little shack things in the woods and NOTHING! I find ammo but no guns in sight, I have food and bandages but again NO WEAPONS. Even those axes lodged in tree stumps, can I at least take one of those? 

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one thing that you can do is picking the garbage and drop it far away form the spot and wait some minutes and item will respawn... when you first create your char you should go to electro or cherno and get a weapon than go to the airfields, but always looking for crash sites, so you get those uber weapons.
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look for weapons in following landmarks: barns, tents, military camps, hangars, firestations and churches.
Barns contain thing like shotguns, winchester rifle and sometime a scoped hunting rifle.
Automatic weapon can be found in military areas (camps and airfields) and firestations but i would avoid most of them, there are many bandits like me that hunt around these areas.
You can find some weapons in other buildings like houses, shacks and other common buildings but chance is much smaller. Not to metion the quality of the loot, you will be lucky if you find a makarov with 2 mags.

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Take heart, my friend. Once you've played through a few lives, you'll find it's much easier to obtain weapons simply because you know where to look and where not to. Initially, I spent like five minutes at different logs with axes in them, because I'd heard that the hachet was a weapon found in-game, often near logpiles. No one had thought to mention that the hachet weapon is found laying on the ground across the map, not embedded within a log. My advice is to find out where the cities are while on a lightly populated server (less than 20 people) and make your way to a city (not a town - you will know the difference by the size/look of the buildings.) Once you're there, explore firestations (buildings with towers attached to horizontal buildings with 3 front-opening "garage doors" at one side,) two-story houses with openings, supermarkets, etc. You'll know your way around in no time.
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http://au.gamespot.com/dayz/forum/new-server-australian-server-get-on-it-29255191/?msg_id=337847818#337847818 follow this link and read the description :)