2 Dayz!!

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So I've been playing this toon since 2 days ago. I have 20 zombie kills with a gddanm hachet two cans of soda, and must have run 10 miles now from Solnichniy to Electro.....I have forgotten the point of this game, and now run on the mission to find food! Who would have though finding food and a weapon would be so engrossing...Pretty fun game though will be cool to see a full fledged retail release

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You have forgotten the point of the game? you are doing the point of the game. point of DayZ is to survive and gathering supplies is part of surviving
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Well, It won't be getting better.... thats exactly what I heard from almost everyone after playing some days... It's ArmA where everything is generic and random and full of bugs... You can make alot out of it in Tacticalunits with some guys creating Missions in the Editor and great Mods like ACE etc. but DayZ is nothing more than a short term cashcow... I doubt it will ever hit a (real) final version or get really interesting new features... as long as the hype is there, the Devs will forget the Maincommunity and implement stupid features that only DayZ needs, but when there is no more cash coming in, DayZ will be history and people like me playing more or less non stop since OFP can pay their bills getting nothing really new since Arma1...

Don't listen to the "The Devs are great and do everything for their Community"-Fanboyism...

and don't believe the Hype... DayZ isn't half as good as everyone says... it's maybe fun for a Week with some Buddys, but thats it...

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^ agreed,lifeless repetitive bland mod filled with douchebags who kill on sights making this even more bland and boring. **** gets boring after a week. cant wait to see The war Z tho. THIS looks promising. not that outdated game filled with glitch/bugs and fastforwarded zombies that seem to take half of the bullets you shoot at them while the other half vanishes in the air while they eat your brain out