Amazing Game.

When Bioware makes an rpg they really know how to tell a story so good you want to get to the cutscense right away. I also like the multi-choice aspect of the game where you have many lines to choose from so the game never plays the same twice.

What i also like about M.E. is that the achievements require you to play the game 3 times. Like what Dead Rising did.
The suit change. Not all suits that have the same stats look the same. It makes you choose wheather you want a cool looking suit with less stats or an ugly suit with great stats.

They only flaw is the loading and saving of the game slows it down, but i have only run into that when landing or on the citadel. These where none combat mind you. So that doesnt warent enough to give it negative marks.
Only when it lags in combat will i give it a low score.

M.E. is easily ranked in my top 10 games. I'm not into rpg that much. So if i play an rpg game and really like it. Well that says lots for that game. Dont look M.E. by.

Everyone on my friendlist doesnt have it and i have been questioning why i have them on there when they dont have a good game like this.