Day of Defeat Cheats For PC

  1. Numerical Ping

    To display numbers along with dots for latency on a server type -numericping in the shortcut's target line.

  2. Turn Off Background Sounds

    To turn off background sounds so you can hear footsteps and real fire better type stopsound in the console.

  3. Increase Framerate

    Depending on your video card, this may or may not help your framrate much

    Open your console
    Type in command:
    fps_max 100

    *NOTE* 100 can be substituted for anything, but I use 100 and get about 70-85 FPS

  4. Lighten the screen

    *NOTE* Depending on current settings, the results could be anywhere from huge difference to minor change in shadow

    Open console
    type in lightgamma 0

    This must be entered in every time you start your game, so it helps to bind it to a key!

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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