Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Acquire 5000 Food Supersized
    Acquire 5000 Wood Hardwood
    Acquire 5000 Stone Golem
    Acquire 10000 Gold Penny Pincher
    Win a PvP match I won! I won!
    Acquire 200 Wealth Hoarder
    Build a large city City Builder
    Have 5 armies on the world map Five Star General
    Have all 3 main dragon types in your homeland Dragon King
    Have at least 5 dwarven battalions defending your homeland Dwarf Friend
    Browse the in-game help topics Book Worm
    Add a player to your Friend list Gregarious
    Complete your first world map army quest Leaving the Nest
    Establish trade or an alliance with a non-allied city through diplomacy Diplomatic Solution
    Visit the Dwarven mines of Dunn Erghast or the Dwarven Marches All Mine
    Visit the Dragon lands of Sssilistra Here Be Dragons
    Visit the inhospitable land of Bal Ratha or the Desolate Hills Nomad
    Explore the lands of the Human realm of Teria In The Fields
    Explore the lands of the Elf realm of Nhob'ru Beneath The Trees
    Explore the lands of the Orc realm of Gokkholm Land Of Extremes
    Construct one of the economy buildings available to you Building A Future
    Construct one of the military buildings available to you Military Industrial Complex
    Build 5 or more houses, huts or residences Home Sweet Home
    Make 5000 gold profit at a town market in one visit Market Trader