Animal Crossing: Wild World is an excellent game that lasts forever, but it's not for everyone.

Animal Crossing: Wild World is a great game that has ublelievavly good replay value, but, the game wasn't made for everyone. The game is a life simulator game, so, if you do not like games without action, this is not the game for you.

Animal Crossing is excellent, the game becomes your second life. The game is simply about living a life in a small town. You can do many things in the town, such as from picking fruit off trees, speaking to the residents, exploring, fishing, looking for treasure and earning money.

At first, the game will rotate around you paying off your home loan. An animal named Tom Nook buils a house for you, then he expects you to pay off all your loan. So you need to earn money to pay off your loan. Eventually, when you pay it off, he will offer to make your house bigger, if you accept, you will have to pay off another loan.

The game also has great W-Fi capabilities. You are able to actually visit other peoples towns from around the world and they can visit yours. You can go to other peoples towns and speak to them face to face, meet their residents, collect their fruit from trees and much more.

All up, I think Animal Crossing: Wild World is a great game if it was designed for you.