This game is terrible. Its a great idea but deeply flawed because the developers simply can not write ANY AI!

User Rating: 2.5 | Darwinia PC
Its always funny to see when a half decent game comes out from an independant developer it instantly adds gets amazing reviews.
Darwinia is a good game in principal, it plays alot like the usual RTS but with a few twists to keep things interesting.

For instance you do not have a base, instead you take over buildings that are on the map which generate little workers called Darwinians. you can only build 3 units to start off with which you can upgrade to 5 later.

The MASSIVE problem is the games AI or lack of it. Your soliders cannot do anything without your direct involvement. If they are attacked whilst you are not directly controlling them they will die. If they have to walk around an object to get somewhere they will get stuck and if thats object is water they die. Luckily to build units is free so this could be worse.

The deal breaker is when your soldiers have to go into battle. The enermy are not very smart but theres alot of them, they can also respawn quicker then you can. This is where the game falls apart. You attack them and you loose. The enermy respawn in higher numbers. You attack again and loose and it keps repeating till you eventually give up.

The controls are for the most part good, the camera control is excellent and ordering around your units is a breeze. The graphics are just UGLY. It was intentionally designed to look ugly! I suppose as an independant developer or bedroom coder you have to make ugly looking games.

At the end of the day they guys who made the game had a good idea they didn't have the talent or skill to make, The game quickly gets dull and its horrid looks don't help you warm to it. You will enjoy the first hour but after that its more of the same and the usless AI leaves you heading to the unistall button.