old graphics, new game style

User Rating: 9 | Darwinia PC
Like i said in the name of the review the graphics look vary old fashioned but don't let that confuse you. The light and explosions are better than in most games. The name also says it's a new gaming style and that's true. Instead of clicking the enemy you want to fire at, you hold down the right mouse button which unleashes a barrage of laser blasts and by clicking you throw a grenade, air strike marker, or a rocket depending on what you selected. By now you're probably wondering why I didn't give it a higher score right now and that's because of a few minor problems like the Darwinins (intelligent AI that you have to protect) don't have any useful weapons to start with and a very movable camera that can some times confuse you. if you're looking to buy this game i suggest that you use some internet store because you aren't going to see it in most stores that sell it any time soon.