At first I was like "This looks like it might be dumb". Boy was I wrong! This game is addicting! Fun impressive gameplay

User Rating: 7 | Darwinia PC
One word: Addicting. That pretty much explains the game. Many levels of fun gameplay that is sure to keep you occupied for a long time. I at first thought it wouldn't be that great, but when I started playing nobody could pry me from the computer! The object is to safely guide these creatures, called Darwinians, through their environment, that has been infested by nasty computer viruses. Darwinians are 'born' when you collect the 'souls' from defeated viruses and convert them into Darwinians in an incubator. Certain parts of the game require a specific number of Darwinians to operate machinery to get across landscape to other parts of the environment where they can battle the virus and free their land from it's rule. It's definitely not a boring game. BUT, at some points it can be difficult to get past a level. I myself am stuck on a level. But I'm sure I can get past it using the right strategy.