An original game from one of the great British Game creators of all time.

User Rating: 8.8 | Darwinia PC
Like Lionhead, Introversion are a British game developer studio, consisting mainly of one guy. They made games for the Spectrum, one of the first gaming computer's.

Darwinia is a fresh, albeit, bizzar game with clarity and innovation fused with its new genre. The game shows that graphics don't really make a game, however, Darwinia's graphics do look somehow mellow, creative and weird.

The sounds are good, and there is some interesting and further strange music to go along with it.

There are several intro movies, some are v interesting and clever.

The genre has potential, and the developer has won so many cash rewards and prizes, that another creation will undoubtably come our way with this style of Indie gaming.

A brillient release!