One of the few games that truly lives up to everything its supposed to be. Simply amazing.

I got it at Midnight, last night. Been playing ever since. From the first part, the load screen, your completely immersed. The slide show load screen is just one example of the attention to detail Bethesda put into this game. The game loads, and you here that familiar voice...Ron Pearlman, "War...War never changes." My shorthairs were standing on end, I had gooseflesh...for me, it was a defining moment in game-dom. Full circle so to speak. FO I and II were two of the first games I ever found that were geared towards adults. I had loved Bards Tale and Wizardry when I was younger, but when I found FO II, it blew my mind. Funny enough, I was reading Swan Song by Robert McCammon at the time, which is an amazing post apocolyptic novel. Toss in a liberal dose of "Master of Puppets" and I was in a dystopian heaven. Any road, hearing that voice again for the first time, in that context, was like stepping back and forth in one movement. It brought me back to FO I and II, but it threw me forward into Bethesda's own faithful rendition of the series. Pulled me in so deep that I didnt think Id ever be able to turn the game off. I spent the first hour just messing with characters, and finally decided on making a girl, simply because she was cuter. Its nice to note that this is one of the few games that does differentiate between sexes. Playing a girl will get you lots of "honey's" and "sweety's"...somewhat odd feel when your a 200lb ex infantry soldier, but none the less...
The character creation system is rather cool, whats really cool is that your fathers face is covered when your born, and depending on how your character looks influences your fathers face; family resemblance and all that. That attention to detail is what puts FO over the top, from a great game to a simply amazing masterpiece.
Some..many...people have expressed doubts that this is nothing more than Oblivion with guns. Far, far from it. It IS made by Bethesda. They do use the same engine. There are similarities (go figure) and its obvious the two are made by the same developers. But this game has so much more...If you thought Oblivion was beautiful, you havent seen anything yet. The first time you step out of the Vault, I promise; your breath will literally be taken away. The vista before you stretches beyond the horizon, a vast expanse of broken, burnt out hulls, every inch explorable. It took me two hours just to get to Megaton. Scavenging in the Wastelands is fun and incredibly addictive. If its not nailed down, you can pick it up. I would highly suggest keeping any motorcycle gas tanks if you come across one...(hint hint)
Final thoughts. Fallout III DOES have its flaws; some of the voice acting is less than stellar. There are some twitchy AI's in there...sometimes youll see someone walking into a wall and continue on walking. There are moments when youll try and talk to someone and not be able to; apparently they have something else in mind. It seems to happen when theyre sitting down and about to stand up. As if once the AI has committed to an action, it needs to finish that action before it can start another. Which is very likely true. And its such a minor flaw that its barely worth mentioning. All of the flaws are like that; minor, mostly not worth noticing (PC version anyhow). I only put them in the review to note that they do exist. Nothing Is perfect I suppose, but Bethesda certainly gave a good run at attempting to make something so. Fallout III is by far the best game ive played in a very long time. I cant remember the last time I played a game I enjoyed this much; probably Fallout II.