Darwinia is something NEW

User Rating: 8.5 | Darwinia PC
Sincerely i played darwinia some time ago, i got it at the release but i think now i should devote some time to give it a great review. First off, the graphics aren't that pretty to the eyes even though they give that warm, fuzzy feeling of trying new stuff, they look like the old arcade games, except now its 3D. it suits the gameplay perfectly since were going into an virtual world. Now that i've talked about world, i must go on and say that the story in darwinia is very well executed and catchy, after all, who wont get touched by the poor little green dudes getting owned by the red viri, the enemies are very variated, they range from a lot of triangles to giant-headed snakes(or whatever those guys are) Gameplay is just plain awesomeness, the gesture interface rocks its that "new stuff" feeling again, but it will get kinda complicated once you get the airstrike(its a kinda hard gesture to put in a tight situation), so you better stick with the button interface, and in no time you will see the space invaders blowing the virii to smithereens. Sound is kinda retro, like the ones from arcade machines, sometimes theyre weird, and sometimes they fit the theme perfectly. sound is one thing in darwinia that i must say "could have been better" So, all in all, darwinia is a must if you like that old catchy and fast paced gameplay but with entirely new graphics.

Like its been said "darwinia will remind you why you love gaming so much"