This is not just a Kids' game folks! This game will make any gamer that dedicates even several minutes get hooked on sly

Seriously, Sucker Punch has gone all out to ensure that the Sly Cooper series ended with a bang. Newcomers will be delighted by the easy to learn controls and incredibly addictive game play. Fans of the series will be upset to know that Sly is hanging up his cane. However, they'll be happy to know that the story doesn't fizzle out like most adventure games had done in the past. though slightly weaker than the Clockwerk story that was in the last two games, the series not only keeps its humorous dialogue in play, but it also brings back several characters from the last two games like Muggshot and Dimitri.
The story also brings some tension between the cooper gang regarding the conclusion of the last game (Bentley gets a tricked out wheelchair!).This time around, Sly 3 has brought even more characters you can play as (such as the guru, who can brainwash guards, and Carmelita Fox, who still has that lethal Shock pistol. Nice!) to help get Sly to his family vault, where all of his ancestors stashed their loot when they passed down the cane to the next Cooper. but don't be frightened, this isn't one of those "Sonic Heroes" cases, each character has distinct abilities (did I mention the brainwashing?). Sly 3 has been packed with nearly every aspect of the gaming industry in the form of mini games (not Mario Party style, mind you). the exciting side games ranged from RC races to plane dogfights to opera sing-offs (and how did pirates get in there?!). For those who remember the Ocean's Eleven style brought to the series in Sly 2, this doesn't change. However, they won't have a grand target to steal this time. Plus, as an added bonus, the game now includes multiplayer. with games like cops and robbers, avatar hacking (a la bentley) and....pirates.... you cant go wrong.

my only concern was with the game play overall. instead of having numerous missions like the ones that were in sly 2, I had to settle with one mission per character (which was divided by days in the game). though the numerous minigames were excellent, but each would only appear once or twice in the game, and at times totally forgotten. Plus, the game had a short life. several hard hours of play would finish the story part of the game and leave you with a mess of "challenges" that were essentially time trial runs of certain jobs to complete (though the replay job feature is nice). however, completing the challenges does leave a nice and humorous surprise for those who are willing to play an extra few hours or so. the game comes with a set of 3-D glasses to wear during certain missions for "enhancement." Don't even try. All it does is make the mission harder to complete and it just messes with your vision. unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

For those who are still doubting this series, I sincerely assure you: THIS GAME IS NOT JUST FOR KIDS! This game is worth playing for newcomers and worth buying for fans who were with Sly from the beginning. if you are one of those gamers that plays for the storyline first, I would suggest going to your nearest store and picking up a copy of the original and work your way to this game to fully enjoy the game.