Dont let the graphics deter you, the game beneath them is a perfect 10.

User Rating: 9 | Darwinia PC
Beautifly composed. Ive played this game for 2 days and was late to a sweet 16 because I HAD to get the generator going strong. Its graphics are just right for the game. Essentialy your an anti virus program and this virtual world created by a professor had evolved to the point where it connected to the internet. And as we know, the internet is hell for your PC. The virtual Earth was quickly infested as the virus duplicated itself and corrupted everything it could get its hands on. You come in after the doctor has locked down the PC and at your disposal is squads of infantry with rockets and grenades, engineers to hack buildings and collect data from the virus to be changed back to darwinians, weapons platforms run by darwinians, and air strikes. Best of all, its not a game of ammo or micro managing units. You have 3 spots (you can upgrade it to 4 then 5) to fill with any unit you want. If it dies, you just recode another and place it in your controlled zone. The hard part is adapting to the virus and figuring out how your going to clean the area of the infestation. Its not a shoot em up, though it does contain tons of action. You will get to kill thousands of units by the end but theres a strong tactical presence aswell. Its a very immersive story and you will find yourself fighting for the little green dudes till the sun rises.