Very unique game!

User Rating: 8.6 | Darwinia PC
I downloaded the trial just for the hell of it and was hooked pretty quickly. Everything is simple, the graphics, sounds, the basic premise, the story, but for some reason it was a hell of a lot of fun - kind of harks back to the days of the old arcade games.

What really is the clincher with this game is the gameplay - you have these little darwinians to run around the map, and although it's 2d, its still silly fun. They scream when threatened which was a little hair raising, but had me laughing afterawhile. It was fun creating commanders and forcing dozens of darwinians to march off to some distant destination.

The big kick for me was getting the bombing run enhancement. Although the graphics are not the most inspiring, it was really thrilling calling in a bombing runs to dust off spiders and the little worms that run around.

If your looking for huge production value you'll probably want to look elsewhere, but for simple fun gameplay - this is a good choice.