Fantastic, so unique, it's unlike anything I have ever played.

User Rating: 8.8 | Darwinia PC
When I got this game I was thrilled with the uniqueness and perfectness of the game, the graphics, are not, GOOD, but they aren't BAD, which is what makes it so unique, having the people and enemies pixelated gives it such a good atmosphere, like you really are inside a computer program, having "The Doctor" there to help you all the way through is great, and the concept is amazing, once you havge completed the game, the in-game edito is brilliant, and perfect for makign yuor own maps to play on, or let a friend play on your created map, the RTS feel is great, and being able to click where you want your men to go BUT also shooting where YOU want is great, it's a nice feature that you have to pick up research items to get new weapons, people, and so forth, not only do i recommend this unique game, I'm TELLING you, buy it. Now. ^^