Darwinia is the best thing to ever happen to the XBLA strategy genre, miss out at your own loss!

User Rating: 9 | Darwinia+ X360
If you missed this game the first time around on the PC and have 1200pts to spare and a penchant for RTS games you can't go wrong with this little gem.

You will fall in love with the little green gits you are charged with defending, you will cry to the sound of their death gurgles and you will do everything in your power to rid the digital world of the evil virus and give the Darwinians back their home.

A slick and easy to use interface makes controlling your troops a breeze, the retro styled graphics have a charm that will either fly over your head or spank you right between the eyes and the audio feels just right evoking a world you'll enjoy spending time in.

Very addictive, very challenging, very much worth the £10 asking price.

For your money you get the entire original game (with 3 years worth of hindsight and tweaks) and the semi-sequel competitive Multiwinia for head to head battles with up to 4 players.

Darwinia has a very clear difficulty curve which starts out easy, giving you control of only a few units and options but further play opens up new commands, units and tactics. You never have direct control of the Darwinians themselves (only the commandos) instead via waypoints and simple promotions which allow selected Darwinians to influence the rest of the group you will need to micro-manage your attacks, defences and all manner of variables that will conspire to topple your concentration.

Once the main game is over it's time to take the fight online, either against the AI or up to 3 other human players in what can only be described as the cutest war ever conceived.

Darwinia is a game that is unique and offers a play experience found no-where else in the Xbox back catalogue. You owe it to yourself to buy and support this title!