It´s short. Maybe because i´m a veteran gamer, but probably because it´s so damn good and times passes in a blink.

User Rating: 9.2 | Darwinia PC
Awesome. How can a game surprise me and be different? I´ve been playing games for 15 years, and a lot of them. There was even a period where i was extremely jaded and though that most of the games coming out sucked. Now i´m ok and get to play games like Darwinia, which seems like a RTS but with some things going on that are a tad different. It happens real time, and some of the shock points are frenzy mad, but you allways have time to think of a way to do things and then go crazy. Everything is great on this game - sound, graphics, story, gameplay. The only nag being it´s lenght. It feals short. Really short. When i was on the last level, i hoped it would last a few more, as i was getting even more excited playing this game! That´s it´s only flaw really, i dont count the multyplayer since the gameplay would change quite a lot - the part where you plan with calm and the charge - would have to go, since you would need to plan faster that youre adversary. Sooo, sum it up - go buy it! it´s on Steam! Just load up that steam thingy and download it already.