Rescue the Darwinians, Deafeat the Virus Inffection, Save Darwinia. That Game is an Addictive one . Yet it needs 60mb !!

User Rating: 8.5 | Darwinia PC
The Good : Never ever seen a Gamplay that is such unique that makes u addictive to it . Simple Gameplay also a hard one too , u get to plan what u have to do because the Virus inffection is everywere . Different Looks/Graphics that make the game collorfull althought that there is only around 5 --- 7 collors in the intire game , yet the looks of the game make u comfortable with these features . The Sound is just great & perfect , u can hear the Darwinians affraid & screamming when a Virus attack them , u can hear their voices althought that they aren't understandable yet they gives u the right feeling about it . The Soundtrack on the otherhand is even better . + Each time u play the game , a new intro is seen , no intro is the same !!!

The Bad : It doesnt have many bad things , other than that it's addictivness can sometimes cause to take a break from it !!! Were u'll feel enough & it is time to stop but yet u cant , cause ur addicted to it , so it's kinda hard to stop playing it , but also u'll get this urge that u need to stop . I know it is complicated right I think that those who played it understand me well .

Some Notes On The Game
1 - Some Missions aren't hard but rather complex in there looking , since there is many Islands to conquer & each one have one entrace to it so it takes time .
2 - U'll get addictive to it that u might feel in quiting , yet u know u dont want to quit .
3 - It's requirements aren't many , as long as u have a PC with a DX9.0c Graphic Card , then u can play the game.
4 - It is a Mixture of 2D & 3D technology .
5 - It's the game of it's kind so give it a try .

At the end I would say thast this game is totally worth playing & getting it , because missing out this game , will make u miss a great game in the Strategy Games Universe , & it would be ashame that a Strategy Gamer doesn't get it .