A piece of art.

User Rating: 9.7 | Darwinia PC
This is the type of game that I play games for. It is absolutely unique in its presentation. it really feels like a cohesive whole - not something that thirty people put together. The storyline is as good as any science fiction story, though it is presented very simply. The graphics are old school taken in its parts, but put together, they are gorgeous. The interface is unique and yet totally accessible. If you like simplicity, uniqueness, and elegance in your game design, this game is an excellent way to go. The music is sparse, but put exactly where it needs to be. I despise a soundtrack that blankets an entire movie or game and this game knows where it belongs. My only complaint is that it slows down at parts - especially at the later levels. I had not updated the program nor did I take the advice the official site offers before I finished the game. If I had done these, not to mention, upgraded my Athlon 1900+, I may not even have this complaint.