A college football fan's dream.

For any college football fan, it's their dream to go back in time and suit up for their alma-mater, or desired alma-mater. In my case, my wanna-be future alma-mater is Penn State. I'm going to a New York State college this fall, so I won't be a Nittany Lion anytime soon, unless my GPA inflates for some outrageous reason. So, my only true PSU experience is found in NCAA Football 08.

The gameplay is fun. Dynasty mode is extremely addictive, taking a powerhouse like Texas and running the table, or taking a lesser team like Illinois and recruiting a national championship contender. Herein lies the bulk of the activity--recruiting. The recruiting mode is deeper than ever before, and takes some getting used to, and is not easy in any stretch unless you already have an awesome program like Penn State's or USC's where top players line up to suit up for your program in the fall.

The Legend mode is cool, taking your high school star from the high school state playoffs all the way to the Rose Bowl. This game is what you make it--overall, it's great, but it's awesome if you're a college football fan. Overall, graphics are good but not great for PS3's standards, and some additions to Dynasty and Legend mode would put this game up to elite status, and out of Madden's shadow.