Fresh from the garage

User Rating: 7.2 | Darwinia PC
Interesting game, however it makes me wonder wether they chose the simple pixelated graphics design for artistic reasons (which many reviewers seem to think) or to save money and time doing real graphics. :) I am pretty convinced it is the latter, the game has the word BUDGET written all over it. It truly does remind me of something some college geeks would throw together, no bomb this game supports Linux to put it that way. It has the trademark of geek all over the design, and might therefore also appeal only to those, yet it maintains a quite polished feel of it and manage to raise itself to an acceptable level for a retail game. It can be a fresh wind in the RTS game market, but is nowhere near to come up to par with the current base of RTS games like Age of Mythology or Warhammer 2000. It has a completely different angle though, so you might still appreciate it for it's unique style, and if nothing else, it's low price tag. Personally I think it is good that small game companies come up with new ideas, it would be sad to see the big corporations take the whole game market and flushing out games with no new ideas whatsoever, just making money investing in safe and tried formulas. If you do not mind a game that is a bit retro, and a bit rough in the edges, then give it a try. It has some interesting and new ideas.