Wonderful Experience

User Rating: 9.5 | Darwinia PC
This game is fairly simple at heart. Really 4 options of units slightly limited by how many active things you can have running at once. Squad based action-warfare where you combat a virus inside the first ever virtual themepark, darwinia. The theme park is inhabited by darwinians, little green stick figures that have they're own ai-ness. They really grow on you.

The game is really interesting just because of the interactions between the darwinians, their creator, and their world. It has a very cool reincarnation cycle and everything in the game has a soul. As the story develops it gets quite poignant.

The gameplay itself is quite fun, and is a lot more difficult and deep then it would appear at first glance. Limited attacks still offer quite abit of options unlike other games where they're are tons but its quite limited.

The environment is interesting itself. It has retro graphic that at first I found myself thinking they we're dated. But it is actually quite gorgeous at portions of the game. The sound itself is fun,interesting,cute and cool.

All in all I would heavily suggest this game for anyone looking to try something different.