Don't judge it by its graphics or its sound, but by its unique gameplay that it has to offer.

User Rating: 7.8 | Darwinia PC
Gameplay: Overall this game is down right fun. There are very few menus to deal with and is pretty easy to pick up and play. It offers some challenging strategies in an unique style.

Graphics: By modern standers of techology, this is one of its draw backs. Artistically it's great, by all means, but it offers nothing new to the standards of amazing graphics.

Sound: There's not much to really listen out for. Everything is written in subtitles. There are noises from the "creatures" in the game, but nothing really stands out.

Value: Being that it is only $20, it offers a lot, but it also offers very little too. Seeing that the campaign is very short and it crashes pretty often.

Tilt: I've enjoyed the game, but as I said there are a few drawbacks. It's definately fun and original. This small budget game definately mocks the many big budget failures with in the last few years.