In an industry that relies so heavily on used franchises, it's great to see something completely fresh come along.

User Rating: 9 | Darwinia PC
Darwinia is possibly one of the most pleasantly unique games I've ever had the opportunity to play. It's almost in a genre by itself, a sort of RTS tied to automatic AI with base-building elements and objective-focused gameplay. It's both simple, intuitive, and yet complex at the same time. Unlike many games, where victory is your reward, Darwinia's reward is the experience itself. The sights, the sounds, the appealing graphics, suprisingly good storyline, and simplistic design makes Darwinia a modern classic. The only downside is it's length; this game requires a lot of your time. On the flipside, it has no problem with making that time all worth your while. If you enjoy RTS', but would like a fresh experience in the genre, you should get Darwinia right away.