A Fun $10 dollar game that is worth the price.

This game just works. Time Splitters 2 for the PS2 is one of those games that you just cant sto playing. Everythingi s good about it, fast paced arcade mode/ mulitplayer, great story, fun chalenges, and lots of stuff to unlock.

The story mode is very amusing, going through time, trying to get all of the time crystal.. things, each level is faily large and detailed. Every level is VERY unique, the first levels are faily easy, but they get very very hard near the end. (Story mode:9.5/10)

OK, arcade mode, after you have beaten the game, its time to head over to this little section of the game. You can do many different things. There are 14 modes, some are odd and i doupt you will ever play, but some are awesome and you will play them everytime you turn on this game... lol. The modes are:
Deathmatch: Free for all killing
Team deathmatch: Team killing
Bag Tag: Whoever has the bag forl ongest amount of time wina! (everyone is trying to kill you)
Capture the bag: Team based, capture the bad, very self explanitory..
~Those are they modes you start with, i wont spoil the fun of unlocking all the other modes.~
But they do include things like...-Virus, Vampire, Gladiator, Assualt, Thief, Shrink, and many more!

(Arcade mode:9.5/10)

Now for multiplayer...
OK, this game has AWESOME multiplayer, you can even use the GameTap to have a maximum of four players! In mulitplayer, you can do arcade mode, or do Story Co-op, its very fun, makes Teamdeath match a real blast! Only problem is no Chalenge mode co-op.


And last but not least... Chalenge mode.
Yeah thats right, chalenge mode, do chalenges to unlock new levels, arcaade modes, and characters! Some are very fun, some are annoying beyong what you could ever imagine...Like said before, no miltiplayer chalenge mode.. =[

(Chalenge Mode:8/10)

This game is a classic, worth your money and your time. There is something in this game for everybody. If you like fast paced old school first person shooters - Time Splitters 2 is the game for you!