Another game that fails to live up to it's potential.

User Rating: 5 | Darksiders X360
Audio: 5/10
Solid voice acting hurt by lack of dialogue. Solid sound effects that grow repetitive rather quickly. Solid but lacking soundtrack.

Visuals: 5/10
Parts of the game look good while other parts look bad, Rather uneven visual quality through out the game imo. There is plenty of variety in the environments though as well as the characters through out the game. I gotta give them credit because the characters are very well designed, A huge plus . However, The visuals are hurt by the numerous bugs and glitches. Also the visuals do get rather old and boring to look at after a short while.

Playability: 5/10
Incredibly gorey gameplay that will no doubt attract fans because of it however when you really look at it, You see how generic it is. It's pretty much like any other game of it's kind, Nothing really special to seperate it from the rest.

Delivery: 4/10
Lengthy campaign. Poor story that never picks up and never gets interesting. Gameplay takes a while to get use to. Far too annoying having to pause the game in order to swap out weapons. Uneven difficulty makes even playing on easy a challenge. Little replay value.

Overall: 5/10
Darksiders is the kind of game that you either like or you dont like. I personally dont like it but I can see why people are into it.