It mixes elements from games of it's kind and puts some of it's own.The result : Great!

User Rating: 8 | Darksiders (Essentials) PS3

I finished Darksiders a few days ago and I feel like writing a review of it.Here we go!

Graphics : 8/10

Sound/Soundtrack : 7/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Length/Replayability : 8/10

What is this game about? : Well,basically you take the role of War,one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse as he falls victim of some big sceme after fighting to bring the balance and then returns to Earth seeking revenge.As you progress,you'll find out that he is still being played.Not a bad story really,but nothing awesome.It also gets kinda predictable at times.Still worth it though.

Graphics : 8/10 Quite honestly,we've seen much better looking stuff on the PS3/360.However,Darksiders is not a bad looking game at all. The model of War (player) looks pretty good,that it does.The attacks/weapon effects look very good as well.The enemies look rather good and their design is pretty interesting.Now,what could have looked better is the environment in the game.The areas you visit do look decent,but again,we have seen much better work (graphics) when it comes to environments. So,the graphics are rather good,although not breathtaking.

Sound/Soundtrack : 7/10 I may not be an easy guy when it comes to music,but the thing is that here,it's really nothing astonishing.One fact is that the soundtrack always fitting.Whether in combat or outside of it,the music always fits the situation or the scenery.Here's the problem; It's nothing groundbreaking.I've spent many hours playing this game and not a single theme was stuck on my mind.Also,the soundtrack simply does not catch your attention while playing.It's not bad but nothing special either.

Gameplay : 9/10 Well,this is the truly good part. The game borrows mechanics from other games of it's kind.Ever played God Of War? Dante's Inferno? Devil May Cry? Zelda? Well then don't be surprised if the game feels somewhat familiar. Darksiders is an action adventure game with some platformer elements. The combat in this game is very similar to God Of War.You attack with 2 buttons; Square for primary weapon which is War's sword and Triangle for secondary weapon.You also have some long range weapons...and what would a Gow-like game be without magic? War can use "Wrath" skills (magic) to attack enemies and defend himself. You block with R1 and instead of evading,you dash by holding the R1 button and moving the left stick.You can use items to restore health and wrath. Later on you also get the Chaos Form which can transform War into a butt-whooping beast (literally). When an enemy's health is critically low,you can "FINISH HIM!" by executing him in a stylish (more like brutal) manner. Combat is not the only thing in this game of course. You also have to move,swim,jump,climb, and fly a lot to get to areas.That's not always as easy as it sounds. You have to solve plenty of challenging puzzles too.Usually those puzzles involve using grenades,slowing time down,throwing a weapon to activate devices swinging around and warping through portals...most of the time,you have to do many of them to solve a single puzzle. You regain health and wrath by opening chests (GOW style). You also get to ride War's horse,Ruin.Together with Ruin,you fight opponents and ride across the map. You buy new skills and weapons by visiting Vulgrim's,a demon who accepts souls as money.

Length/Replayability 8/10. The story has good length. About 15 hours until you finish the game the first time.It's not the most interesting story in the world,but it's worth seeing it to it's end. The game does have some replay value,but it's not like you can play it plenty oftimes before you get bored.It is worth finishing and maybe replaying it once in a while.

A few more things to note :

-Controls can be irresponsive sometimes.

-There are a few quotes you'll be remembering for some time.Especially some of "The Watcher"'s quotes.

Overall : 8/10 Darksiders...hmm...I admit I am impressed.Not in ecstasy,but still pleased.While it may not have the best graphics and soundtrack around,the game is definately worth your time.You should definately check it out and if you are thinking about buying it,don't hesitate too much.It won't let you down.