Better than the first one, if there were not some glitches...

User Rating: 9 | Darksiders II PC
in this sequel you're Death Himself and you try to redeem your brother, War who was killed by the Charred Council. You must get to the Well of Souls and save his soul. You have the same moves as in the first game, but this time the upgrades are way better. You can fight all the bosses using the ghouls and shooting your gun from afar. In a way it's simpler than the first one, especially the bosses can be easily dealt with. You have tens and tens of weapons, tens of different outfits to choose from, you have a primary and secondary weapon and so on. You have your horse to help you trave faster, you have a crow which can point you where to go and different other powers which can be quite useful in your quest. What I did not like was a certain glitch (at a portal) and that drove me mad for a while. The final boss was disappointing. The bosses are way too easy and the final one was piece of cake. Overall a great action game with some minor problems.