God the pathfinding in this game is bull****

#1 Posted by jack00 (3556 posts) -

It wasn't a big deal until i got to the part where you have to climb up from a fire floor coming at you. It's been like 6 times since I died because the stupid game don't execute my command properly and makes me jump up and I wanna go side ways. Stupid dumb game.

#2 Posted by BryanParksSuper (67 posts) -

you hold L2 to jump sideways kid. Read the manual and study the controls before you complain the game is broken. Moron. 

#3 Posted by jack00 (3556 posts) -

You hold L2 when you wanna jump on the OPPOSITE side of where you are, moron. When you wanna jump a ledge who's on your left and right you just need to use the joystick, now who looks stupid ? Here let me give you the answer since you probably won't figure it out by yourself, it's you. You can't even use L2 for jumps at the part i'm talking about otherwise you're gonna jump right in the middle of the firery spikes, dumbass.

#4 Posted by BryanParksSuper (67 posts) -

I 100% the game and I had no trouble at that part. So shut it Noob. 

#5 Posted by 0diN_7 (1036 posts) -

Jack I know what you're talking about. I had the same problem here.

#6 Posted by Keaze_ (276 posts) -

Let me get this straight.  The game is broken because you can't point your joystick in the right direction?  I like your reasoning.