DS1 or DS2 ?!

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hello guys

if i want to play DS2 shall i buy DS1 ?? its same storyline ??

cuz i see too many people don't like DS1


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they're both great games..
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I personally love both game. If you like DS2, I don't see why you wouldn't like DS1.

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Both a great. Storyline is different. But both tide together into the bigger picture. While DS2 retels the main aspects of DS1, you only get the part of begining of Ds1 and the end. Everything that happened in beetween the two in DS1 isn't explaines. If you buy for the gameplay,then gameplay for DS2 is more polished and more fun,especialy the crucible.
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DS1 is much better if you like non stop action. If you want more of a RPG experience get DS2.