Can someone help me please?

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I am kinda lost when it comes to all the weapons. I have one possessed weapon but its only level 6 so it seems kinda pointless.

I am going for a mostly STR build with the ghouls and maybe Crows thrown in for good measure. What weapons or more importantly weapon stats are best? Crit Damage? Crit Chance? Health Steal on Crit? Wrath on Crit? Extra EXp or Guilt? Reaper Engergy? Extra health or Wrath?

Increased STR? Increased Arcane? What do you think is the most important stats? Should I spend my money on buying purple weapons or save it for later and buy more moves?

As you can see I am lost so please help me out.

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Is there anybody in the world who still plays this game?

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Screw you guys then. Tried being nice about this a couple times now. Either no one plays this game or they are all retarted.