Darkfall Unholy Wars is a full loot sanbox mmorpg.

User Rating: 10 | Darkfall Unholy Wars PC
Best game ive ever played (Vet)
You will like darkfall unholy wars if you like games like (counterstrike, eve online, warz, dayz, ultima online ect ect)

For years i went from game to game playing them all and getting bored as in a few months. I always was on the look for that gem of a game. Until a friend of mine recommended some indie game called "Darkfall Online" 3 Years later, and i was still playing it and there was next to no support/updates from the developers just the raw game itself and that was enough.

That aside this is the new Darkfall, a totally new game that is a successful attempt to fix the mistakes that made the original Darkfall unsuccessful and unknown. And let me tell you they are doing a amazing job this time around with daily updates and patches, while really listening to what the community says.

Lets get back to the main thing, the game itself. Its exactually what it says, A full-loot, Open PVP Non-flagging mmorpg. Build alliances with others join armies of 1000's and try to take over agon. there is so much to do in this game its incredible, and the open world harshness makes everything you accomplish ingame feel like a real feat. Be a reknown crafter, A Fearless Leader of 1000's of people. Tax people, become rich as a trader, be a paid spy or scout for your clan. Become reknown as a Skilled pvper and watch the lesser skilled run in fear as you slay them down.

"IMPORTANT TIP" As a new player you will have alot of trouble at first and feel somewhat overwhelmed cause of the sandboxness of the game. First thing you should do is join a reknown clan and tell them that you are new, you will be given advice and learn the game with other players, at the start advice is everything. Soon you will be sucked into the world of agon and after that there is no going back. Good Luck