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Game's been out now for over a week... Review fukin where?

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some good ideas, bad implementation. it's decent if you don't mind the crappy cover system. don't see it scoring very high but I could be wrong.
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The cover system in itself is fine. The problem is that there are too many enemies/not enough hiding spots. Too hard imo to stealth through the levels without getting seen.
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Shallow game. The Stealth is okay, but the game is short and simplistic. Not enough vampire stuff, just some powers and stealth killing spree. 

Its like they took Masquerade Bloodlines and put it in a Mirror's Edge architecture, and lots of neon lights. Even enemies got neon lights.

Voice acting does not match lip sync, cartoonish texture to obfuscate the mediocre 
graphics, and so many lame dialogs. 

Oh, and every vampire which seems to be a powerhouse badass is just a frightened bi@tch.

Its a 6. 

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Still no review from GameSpot.

Guess they couldn't care less lol