Worst game I've played in a long time, has some nice concepts but completely fails.

User Rating: 2.5 | Dark Void PS3
First off check your bargain bins for this one, I got it really cheap just a bit after it came out which isn't a good sign to begin with. But lets get on with the review

Gameplay- So you play as a character sorry I can't remember names the game was that bad, that is in a plane crash and ends up in a new world, it follows the story of him having to fight some kind of robotic alien force coming through a warp hole in the Bermuda triangle. He finds some people there who fight back, there is a story to it but its very hard to follow and is pretty boring.

The game is actually very easy I finished 1st time on the hardest difficulty (mainly so I didn't have to play it again) There are journals to collect but you can find guides online. The enemies are really easy and there is only 6 weapons in the game and the jet pack.

The jet pack can be used from when you receive it, which offers a fun side to the game, zooming around on a jet pack and jumping on to UFO's etc, but it does take a while to get used to and is a bit repetitive. You will end dying most of the time by accidentally zooming into walls on your jet pack.

Graphics- The graphics aren't anything special but aren't completely broken, but as the game is so bad even if it had good graphics I'd still suggest not to buy.

Sound- This game probably have the worst sound in anygame I've played, one of the levels the sound was actually broken and all it did was screach and make load noises that weren' t supposed to be there as if the game was broken.

Trophies- Some of the trophies are quite fun to get but to get that platinum will take a long time aswell as one of the trophies being glitched. There is also a trophy for upgrading every weapon which will take about 3 play throughs.

Summary- Don't buy this game rent it if anything, but don't be tempted if it's cheap either its a waste of money.

+ Cool pyshics and Jet packing

- Boring story
- low variety of weapons
- Broken sound

- Boring sound