Trade/Selling for EP

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My game ID number: 1730255609 AA's Rot Cast Rot Cast A-ranks (card level) [skill name and its lvl if it's over 1] Sky Navy Slayer Pure Light Embodiment Lord of Rage Lord of Sloth Lightning Core (1) [Preemptive Strike] *Psycho prog monsters for Repudiant Lab* Demon Bait Insect (1) [Agility up] Sea of Clouds Dragon [Agility up] Flame Tarasque (1) [Increased Party Defense] Jade Rhinoceros Beetle (1) [Increased Party Defense] Blood-Suck Rampage Fly (1) *Rancor (Covert) Progression* Beelzebub [Venomous Breath] Cursed Georug *Ally invite summon* Toukotsu Gusion *Rancor Beast Repudiant Lab event summon* Elite Dragonborn Sprout Dragon Lust Trap Necromancer *New Sin Brute from Mobius Age event* Flame Kagutsuchi *30 BP Mobius Age event Sin Demon* Kyuuki Wretched Black Wings *Mobius event Sin progression* A+ Blade Giant [Critical rate up] Tamamo-no-mae *New Rancor Mystic Mobius Age event* Lust Trap Necromancer *New Sin Brute Mobius Age event* Sear Djinn Preemptive (40) [Preemptive Strike (9)] Beelzebub (4) [Venomous Breath] Beelzebub (70) [Venomous Breath (7)] Seeker Quadriga (1) [Agility up] Nidhogg (1) (Agility up] Grieving Mandrake (1) [Preemptive Strike] Berserker Mite [Psycho Down] Beast Soul Knight *30 BP Mobius Age event Covert Beast* Time Void Golem (1) [Increase Party Attack] Sky Dragon (1) [Increase Party Attack] Skeleton Minotaur [Health up] Jade Rhinoceros Beetle [Increase party Defense] Tamamo-no-mae *New Rancor Mystic from Mobius Age event* Shadow Soul Knight [Increase party Defense] *Den of Woe Sin prog* Make offers here or message me ingame.