Beyond Comparison

The reviewer of this game is extremely young or just flat out out of touch with reality. The Jordan Mode is as good as you make it, he complains about having to accomplish certain things to succeed, uhm dude did you not play last years my player game, its the same thing, just using Jordan and his accomplishments as the basis of the game. it doesnt take away from Jordans accomplishments, it puts you in awe that he could have 30+ and 6+ assist and 7+ rebounds in a game... If you don't like the mode, DONT PLAY IT, but that should not be a negative knock on the game... The online lag, thats just what it is, what happened to the days when we didnt have online play, again are you really faulting the game because the online play isnt perfect, get your lazy behind up and go to a friends house and go at it all day like we used to years ago... Seriously your reviewers should not speak from personal opinion but from a professional stand point. This game is the best basketball you are going to play, past and maybe future, these titles only come around once in a blue-moon, IE MVP Baseball 2005... If you like basketball pic up this game, you wont be sorry...