This difficulty is so intense at times you will be determined to keep on playing until you get to that next bonfire.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dark Souls PS3
You find yourself in a vast, amazing world will suck you into the game.
Good, precise combat as well as fun, yet challenging boss battles.
Many hidden features in and around that will give you tons of things to do.
Great graphics and animations.
The Online messages left on the ground from other players helping you throughout the game was a very nice touch.
Frame Rate slows down at certain spots, not too big of a deal.
You cannot freeze the game. You can pause, but the game is still going
on in the background. Wow.
Online is rather broken.

This game is very good, but, it isn't for everyone. Not everyone is going to embrace the game's punishing difficulty or the fact that it dosen't hold your hand. But if you like a challenge, and like RPG's, this game is DEFINITELY for you. Go buy it. Now.