This game is going to steal 100+ hours of your life...but you will be okay with that.

User Rating: 9 | Dark Souls PS3
Let me start by just ripping off the few negatives I personally experienced within the game. The backstabs reign within multiplayer and in my opinion are too easy to pull off. If you don't hone your skills and spend a lot of time researching and upgrading various weapons and armor to suit your style you will likely get OWNED by your online opponents.

That being said, this game lets you experience a huge gamut of emotions that you normally don't feel in a video game experience these days. Or at least as intense...

Want fear? They did it. Want a hunger for more? It's in there! Want an obsession with finding the best items for your character? BAM! Done! Want a massive world to explore? Search no further. Crazy hard enemies? Yep. An epic high when you finally succeed? Heck YES!!!!

When doing a first play through (about 60 or more hours) you will NOT run anywhere. You will walk and take your time. You will read the messages of those who have gone before you and you WILL die. You will get help and give help to online allies which is a great time. You will curse in frustration, and you will raise your hands in elation.

Success is difficult to achieve, which makes it so addictive when grasped. The bosses are EPIC. The environment fantastic, and while subtle at times, the element of choice is quite clever. In short, its a game without any hand holding, and if you die, it's because it's YOUR fault most of the time. Simple strategy for a game, but I love it for that.

Play this game if you like a challenge. Do not play it if you are a wimp. :)