I never have been so bored with a game in my life I have been playing video games for a long time.

User Rating: 2 | Dark Souls PS3
I should be interest to level up not boring and then if you have 6000 experience points lose it over something stupid the countering is not consistent either so it can't be skill I do it the same way each time it works sometimes and other times it don't I don't like working for something and then having it taken away by something dumb happen that you have no control over and the bosses that looked so good are stupid if games like this are going to be this boring and stupid now I would rather play older games the graphics may not be as good but at least it's not boring.

They made this game seem so good but after playing it I am not impressed It was a waste of the three hours that I played it for and the 60 bucks I spent on it.

If they would have made a little more interesting to level up I might have been able to play it. But I can't play a game like this where It takes forever to get experience then it can be taken away by something stupid the bosses suck and and it's boring to even attempt to make it through the game

I might have repeated some things I said but they make you have 800 characters to write the review and I said all I have to say in the first paragraph