XBOX SL20 looking for weapon help :)

#1 Posted by CyrixBlack (16 posts) -
I just hit SL20 and looking for anyone willing to trade me a nice +5 lightning or +10 fire bandit knife / rapier / Balder side sword etc? If you can help PM me on xbox :) cyrixblack
#2 Posted by assshooter_2 (65 posts) -
You do realize you're on the PS3 forums? <---- that way
#3 Posted by FearWolf712 (13 posts) -
I would have to say you realize that you are level 20 but you have to get to anor londo to get a Lightning weapon and if you want a firw one you have to go down into the catacombs which are not a good place for lowbies. So if you were to get to a higher level mabye some people would be able to help you out.