the gate to kiln of the first flame wont open, help!!!!

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ok lets say after I killed 3 of the 4 lords (four kings, the scaleless,nito) I made an stop at the altar in front of the gate to the kiln and offer 3 soul to the lordvessel thingy as soon as I had the chance, but now after killing the bed of chaos (the last boss for me) I went to the gate that leads to the kiln but the gate doesnt open, I offered each of the 4 souls  already (not 4 at the same time though) and the gate doesnt open, from the lord veesel all I get is " you dont have any souls to offer" message, am not sure what else to do need help pls

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maybe, I have searched the web for an answer , all I find is ppl that forgot they had one lord they didnt beat, but nothing helpful. it is a very stressing situation been playing this game for months now just to be stopped by this.
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ok...I didnt kill Seath the scaleless :C apparently I faced him once, then he killed me and cursed me, after that I deviated from my objective to find a way to lift the curse. of course after lifting the curse I went to explore and ended up finding the other bosses, and I had totally forgotten I dindt finish the scaleless T~T


yeah I know