PvP faith build help

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Im trying to get this build working, and am trying to find a good weapon to use (since apparently Dragon Slayer Spear isn't great)

It's faith, and the goal (for now) is mostly ripostes and backstabs (when I can) but to still have a weapon witha moveset that I like, and I don't really like smaller ranged weapons, I would rather have something big (not piercing or dagger/scimitars)

I forget my SL, but its around 60-70

Vit - Around 20 something? Will raise to 40

Att - 12 - Will raise to at least 16

End - See Vitality

Str - 24 - Intend to keep it here

Dex - 24 - Intend to keep it here

Resistance - Base (forget exact number)

Int - Base

Faith - 20 - intend to raise to 30 or 50 (depending)


Right now I'm PvPing in the Forest, and trying out different armor/ring combos, but am always using Hornets ring, and switching Havels with Leos ring. Trying to see if I like medium armor with medium roll or light armor with light roll.


r1 - Dragon Slayer Spear +3

r2 - Priscillas dagger +2 - For bleeding turtlers... Not really effective

l1 - Balder shield

l2 - Some talisman


Miracles - Karmatic Justice - lightning spear

Want Sunlight Blade, Emit force (but **** up talking to seigmeir), great heal, great lightning spear, tranquil walk, (maybe others)


So I'm trying to find out what weapon and armor to use, what to upgrade it to, and if theres really anything wrong with my build. I was trying to stick to spears and halbreds, but am considering straight swords or whatever else would be great that has some reach (and I prefer bigger, slower hits that fast small ones... but my main is using ultra greatswords so I would rather not use those haha)


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Also I have a SL 102 looking to trade for a BK Greatsword or Axe :)