New and need few hint

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Hi, well i have a simply question. Wich class should i start with and what stat to invest into ? I want a class with a good mobility, speed and more physical oriented i am not too much of the magic type. I though of going cleric (for the heal at start since it seems god damm helpfull) and invest in vit/end at start than go DEX. I heard that faith build are good but what to they add exactly to the game style ? Thanks a lot P.s : i would like to pvp too.
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First off, if you want a physical build, you can invest in DEX for katanas and bows, or STR for Greataxes, clubs, etc. VIT is a major factor in PvP and PvE alike, as well as endurance. High FAI will let you use Miracles (Heal etc), high INT will let you use Sorceries (Soul Arrow etc), and high DEX lets you cast pyromancies faster. If you're starting off, try the Knight Class for the armor; you can also use heal by investing a couple of points in FAI. Hope this helped. Oh, and welcome to Dark Souls.