Need Low Level Help with DLC and beating game. Lvl 1 challenge!

#1 Posted by valkor73 (143 posts) -

I'm at Artorias with my level 1 and would really appreciate some help with the DLC and also beating the game. Anyone interested?

#2 Posted by davids2002 (121 posts) -

does it not kind of defeat the whole point of the challenge?

#3 Posted by darmok_the_good (122 posts) -
So how is that going, valkor? I can really appreciate what you're doing, and see no fault in recruiting other low level help. I play the game a lot and think I'm pretty good, but I just can't imagine going through at level 1. How many times would you have to hit Artorias without being hit even once by him...? Forget Artorias, how will you get past Manus?