My miricle bulid

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Right first things first i have only done 2 playthroughs both with the same guy he was a sorcerer and warrior kind a guy so i have no experiance with miricals as what i have seen from pvp i think that i have picked a good build can you judge it plz and i dont know what armour to wear im thinking for the head crown of the dark moon.

Any suggestions are welcome :)

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You will not find a miracle build until you've done it all.




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If you mean do the whole playthrough i plan to get all the miricals i need and want and then wont compleate NG+ if not what do u mean by done it all?

Also thanks for the reply:D

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I was trying to tell you that you are a dark soul, and to find a miracle, you need stop playing videogames, because reality is the ultimate virtual game.

But if not, well I forgot what a miracle in dark souls even entails, unless it's defeating every boss or something.

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:P i Do do other things that video games this is just a hoby

Anyways a miricle in this game is a type of magic like pyromancy or sorciery