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Help required with severing tail and then killing him, solo seems impossible and I never see any summon signs in the valley leading to his fog door. I'm on NG++ level 234 and I want that tail and i want him dead. If you wish to help send my an Xbox message, my tag is my username.
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Too late for the tail, man. Obsidian Greatsword isn't even good. Just let it go.
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People don't put their summon signs outside of Kalameets fog gate but they do put them up to fight him. Look right before where you fight Artorias People put their summon signs there since it is more obvious and then its between two bosses so they can go either way with high chance of getting summoned since Artorias fighters and Kalameet fighters will be summoning them. You can still see summon signs before the Artorias gate even after killing Artorias and Manus because I just did this today, I had too because I wanted the....calamity ring...just to have it. <.