Haven't played in months, how is it now?

#1 Posted by hammoud (1396 posts) -

I used to play this game a lot but I haven't played for probably about a year (since before that one big patch that changed the game, 1.4 i think). I was thinking about coming back to it but i was wondering how it was doing? Is there still plenty of activity? is the game more balanced at all (pvp builds)? Is there less lag? (lag was a big reason why i stopped)

#2 Posted by mattsp10 (25 posts) -

It's just as popular as ever.  All the patches have done is improve AI, like.. you can actually see how many souls are required to level up now.. and most enemies/bosses drop more souls now.  I have well over 500 hours logged into this hell of a ride.  Cant wait for DLC :)

#3 Posted by Chrisfromnorwoo (25 posts) -
I took some time away too and I have to say that I can't put the game down! I am hooked deep. I can't wait for the DLC.